Mac Slater Hunts the Cool

Mac Slater Hunts the Cool

Mac Slater Hunts the Cool

Mac Slater and his best friend Paul are geeks, and it’s ok to say so. Everyone knows it. They know it.

Paul thinks stuff up, both of them build it, and then Mac has the guts to test the contraptions out. They’re current project is a bike that flies. When one of their test flights is noticed by The Coolhunters, a website that tries to discover the next cool thing , Mac is identified as a kid who can spot what’s cool.  Really? Mac the inventor geek?

The Coolhunters think Mac is the best kind of cool – so cool he doesn’t even know it. The Coolhunters enter Mac in their online cool contest. They give him a cell phone and video camera and the assignment to post online a video each day for one week that shows something cool. Kids will vote online on which kid posts the best videos. Whoever wins the competition will become a real “Coolhunter” and receive, money, products to try and a trip to New York. Mac is in, as long as Paul is on his team…but does he really know what cool is? Author: Tristan Bancks

Don’t miss the sequel when Mac and Paul take on New York City:
Mac Slater vs The City
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