The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

The Shadows

Olive moves into an old Victorian mansion that is just as the previous (now dead) owner left it. The furniture, the clocks, the mirrors, the paintings on the walls – all are exactly the way they were the moment the former owner died…as well as the clothes and personal items neatly folded in the drawers.

Isolated in the big old house and ignored by her parents, Olive does what any self-respecting kid would do. She explores. She opens doors and cupboards. She goes through drawers and wonders about who lived in the house before her.

She also looks closely at the paintings on the walls, especially the one outside her bedroom. It seriously creeps her out. When her mother can’t remove the painting from the wall she dismisses Olive’s fears and tells her “Herschel will protect you.” Herschel is a teddy bear. (See how clueless her mother is?!) Because there really IS something creepy about the paintings, especially when Olive notices that things MOVE in them. Things that definitely should not be moving.

When a talking cat shows up with a sinister warning and Olive finds an old fashioned pair of glasses that allow her to “fall” right into the paintings; to walk around, to talk to people, Olive knows she has stumbled onto something big. Something big and terrifying. This one is a little bit of the paintings in Harry Potter, a little bit of Coraline and lot of creepy fun! Author: Jacqueline West Series: The Books of Elsewhere

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