The Magic Thief: Found

The Magic Thief: Found


The sweet, streetwise gutterboy Conn and the crusty, lovable old wizard Nevery are back for a third magical adventure in the city of Welmet. Conn is in hiding after breaking out of the Dawn Palace prison. He’s holed up in secret within Welment, helping Nevery devise some kind of plan to keep an evil magic from taking over the city.

What Conn needs is a new locus magicalicus, the stone that focuses a wizard’s magic – kind of like a wand. Conn sacrificed his locus stone to save Welmet in The Magic Thief: Lost. Nevery and Conn discover a finding spell that will lead Conn to a new locus stone. The spell scorches a fiery line right through Welmet and out of sight. At the end of the spell-line, somewhere, lies Conn’s locus stone. Conn sets out on a long, hard and dangerous journey, lucky for him he’s still got Rowan on his side. But even Rowan, who can handle a sword like nobody else, can keep Conn safe when a dragon snatches him up right before her eyes. Author: Sarah Prineas


Don’t miss #1 The Magic Thief and #2 The Magic Thief: Lost. If you like Nevery and Conn and the whole mentor/apprentice part of the story, try Magyk, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone or The Books of Umber: Dragon Games. If what you like is dragons, try Fablehave: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary, The Dragon of Trelian or Where teh Mountain Meets the Moon. All very, very good!
The Magic Thief The Magic Thief: Lost Magyk Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
The Books of Umber: Dragon Games Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary The Dragon of Trelian Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
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