Enchanted Glass

Enchanted Glass

Enchanted Glass

  • When Professor Andrew Hope’s grandfather dies he leaves Andrew a large manor house in his will. What Andrew doesn’t know is that the estate itself is magical. Andrew has inherited not just the house, but a “field of care” that is now his responsibility to protect. Too bad his grandfather died before giving him any directions!

To complicate the situation, a young boy named Aiden shows up on Andrew’s doorstep, frightened out of his wits and running from shadowy figures he calls Stalkers. Aiden knows the Stalkers are hunting him, but he also doesn’t know why. Aiden does have one thing though, a magic wallet has grandmother gave him that fills up with money as soon as he spends it. I want one!

Andew and Aiden, along with a cranky gardener, a bossy, busybody cook, a beautiful and capable professor’s assistant and some crazy neighbors hunker down to figure out the magic and what they have to do to protect it. Great fun for fans of Fablehaven. Author: Diane Wynne Jones

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