Kid Review: The Girl Who Could Fly by Emily

Kid Review: The Girl Who Could Fly by Emily

The Girl Who Could Fly

Protected, homeschooled farm girl Piper McCloud can fly, really. When her secret is revealed to the people in her town Piper is quickly taken to a secret government facility. There are other special children ther for “training”. Piper meets other kids, kids with exceptional abilities like hers like  super speed, super intelligence, or the ability to  shrink! At first, the center seems like the right place for Piper and her new friends. But the longer she stays the more Piper begins to wonder, shat is the real reason the kids have been brought to the center? Can they leave whenever they want or are they prisoners?
This one is a Young Hoosier Grades 6-8 Nominee for 2010-2011.

Here is what Emily thinks:

I adored this book about a little girl who has been just floating around since she was a baby, she really does float around! She tries to fly, and succeeds. She loves to fly, but there is one problem. Her parents aren’t alright with her being different than other children, so she keeps it secret, until she accidently flies in front of everyone. Now they take her to a special place for kids that are different. She starts to relax in her new home, when she finds that something is wrong. This is such a sweet story, and I hope you read it! It should only be for children 9 and up.

I’ll just add that this is one book you really shouldn’t judge by the cover! Look at the cover in the Google Preview. As Simon Cowell would say, ” a MILLION times better!” Author: Victoria Forester

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  1. I read this boook for school. It is a great book. It is about:

    Piper McCloud lives with her mother and father, on a farm in Lowland County. Piper has the ability to fly ever since she was born. Piper didn’t lead a normal life. She was kept isolated from others, to prevent them from seeing her power. Piper doesn’t go to school because she is not normal. She is not able to control her power. Her parents were scared that she would reveal her powers by mistake and she would be sent away for testing. She watches children go on their daily journey to and from school from her porch in the hayloft. She was very jealous of them because she wanted to be just like them.

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