Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer

Theo Boone’s parents are both lawyers in the small town of Strattenburg. Theo loves anything to do with the Court House and his friends there; lawyers, judges, court clerks & policemen. Theo even keeps an office of his own. The kids at school come to him with their legal issues: How do I get my dog back from the pound? What will the custody hearing with my parents be like?

Theo is confident and gives out solid legal advice, especially for a thirteen-year-old. When a high profile murder case comes to his little town Theo is determined to get a seat at the trial so he can see the drama unfold firsthand. What he doesn’t count on is getting pulled into the drama himself when a classmate comes to him with information that could change the outcome of the trial. Information that could ensure the right killer is behind bars.

This is an entertaining look at the legal system. There are really two sides to consider…justice for the victim and the presumption of innocence for the accused. That means that a person is innocent until PROVEN quilty. There are laws that are designed to make sure innocent people don’t go to jail for things they didn’t do. Did you know that after a certain point in a trial new evidence can’t be introduced even if it can prove the guilt or innocence of the accused?

I think you’ll like meeting Theodore Boone and looking at the law like he does – from the inside. Author: John Grisham

If you like Theo, try the kid detective Fletcher Moon in Half Moon Investigations. The kids at school come to Fletcher when a mystery needs solved. Fletcher and Theo would make a good team.
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