Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison

Fablehaven Keys to the Demon Prison

  • This is book 5 and the last in the Fablehaven series. The battle between the Knights of the Dawn (Kendra and Seth, their Grandparents & other Knights) and The Society of the Evening Star (The Sphinx, demons & other bad guys) continues. The Sphinx  has taken control of The Society and threatens to open the legendary demon prison ZZyxx by collecting its five keys.  If The Sphinx manages to do this it isn’t just the magical creatures whose lives are at stake, it’s everyone.

Kendra is still emotional and methodical and makes her decisions based on what she knows and senses about the characters of the people she encounters. Kendra likes to think things through, a luxury she doesn’t have when faced with an epic demon battle.

Seth is still impulsive and impatient and prone to jump in before he thinks. He makes questionable alliances and finds himself trapped by his own scheming. He is a boy of quick action though and his decisive nature saves the day on more than one occasion.

They are just like the rest of us, figuring out their own strengths & weaknesses and figuring out who their real friends are…it’s just that they’re in the middle of a demon battle and their decisions make the difference between life and death. Author: Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull NEWS: “After meeting with Simon & Schuster, it looks like my first Beyonders book, A World Without Heroes, will release near the end of March 2011.”

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