Vita buys a used guitar, thinks up a great band name – The Vita-mins – and then puts up flyers at school to hold auditions to find some bandmates. Some kids show up but none of them play an instrument. They meet again anyway and a plan starts to come together. Plinko and Jay have video skills, Tanya writes songs, Walt’s an artist and Vita can sing. It’s not a band, but it IS something special.

Zebrafish is a graphic novel with great pictures and a great story. The kids are real – not comic book superheroes. If you like lots of illustrations and stories that show true-to life kids dealing with real life problems, try these:
The Lasts Invisible Boy Smile Amelia Rules The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
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  1. I love the book Zebrafish and how you put one of Walt’s picture he drew in there! I find this book the best comic book I ever read! I like the author, Peter H. Reynolds. I like his books. He even put a message in the last page.

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