Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus Book 1: The Lost Hero – Chapters One and Two! Really. Right Now. Today!

Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus Book 1: The Lost Hero – Chapters One and Two! Really. Right Now. Today!

The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan said in his blog on June 1, 2010:

“Right now, there are only “locked” sample chapters from The Lost Hero. Bronze coin keychains, like the symbol above, were given out at BEA  (Book Expo America) with the pass code, and for the present, that’s the only way to unlock the chapters. If you weren’t at BEA, or can’t find someone who got the coin, don’t worry! In a few weeks, we’ll open the sample chapters for everyone.”

Well, guess what, you didn’t have to find someone with a keychain, that someone found you! Thanks to Joe who gave us this terrific bit of information in a comment a few days later…here is what Joe said: “if you go to camphalfblood.com the password is newhero you can read the first two chaptersโ€ฆ cant wait”.

I tried it, it worked. 47 pages worth! I couldn’t help it, I read the last sentence in the second chapter. I know, I know, bad habit, I shouldn’t have done that…but oh, wait until you read that last sentence! No! Don’t start there like I did! You’ll ruin it!

Thanks again to Joe! What a great way to start the summer.

The book comes out on October 12, 2010. 

Now I’m going to go read the rest…


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  1. i think Percy is Jason but i think Jason is son of Zeus and Percy poisden unless Zeus wanted to give Percy a favor ? confused

  2. this is going to be so awesome!!! i don’t know if i will be able to wait two months for it to come out!! i think Percy is Jason but how can he fly if he is son of Posiden? wouldnt he have to be son of Zeus? im confused

  3. jason zeus he can fly and survive lightning
    leo hmmmm i thenk hermes since hes clever and mischevous but he could be hesphaetus
    piper her eyes change colr so i think iris

  4. haha, at first when i didnt know that Butch’s name was Butch, i thought it was Tyson because Tyson likes that one sea thingy named rainbow. hahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. the first 2 chapters were awesome!!! and to those of you wondering how some people kno that butch is a son of iris, its becuz he has a rainbow tattoo on his arm

  6. and also, (sorry about posting so many comments but i’m bad about forgetting stuff) i really think that the 7 half bloods will be people that haven’t been in the other prophecy OR were in the last book. I think they’re probaby new people. So far we have: Piper, Leo, and Jason. Maybe Butch. i don’t know. But those first three will probably play a big part in this.

  7. @Sophia: By the way, youhave a really good point about Gleeson! I hadn’t thought about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ok, im basically done. all i have to say is… there is no point in me trying to figure it out (because i probably wont get it right… haha) i will await the final answers until i am able to read them. October, come.

  9. I have officailly (maybe) changed my mind. (i think…)Maybe Jason is Luke, coming back for re birth. Although i don’t get why he’s 15 or 16. Ayways, since Luke took a dip in the styx, that’s why Jason didn’t get blasted to pieces with the lightning. And the pull on Jasons’s feet when a saved Piper could’ve been Hermes’ shoes or whatever. I still can’t decide though. I’m excited to see what happens!
    P.S.- If they make another movie on the PJ books, they better make it more like the books! (and i will be in it… i hope)

  10. I am really excited to read this! I loved the Percy Jackson series so much! I agree with a lot of you guys who have already posted. It’s hard to tell if Leo is the son of Hermes or Hephastus because he has elfish features or whatever but works a lot with tools. Piper i think is probably the daughter of Aphrodite and Jason i really think is the son of Zeus but im not exactly sure. I can’t wait to find out!

  11. also Leo would be a son of hepheaseas cuz be always had his hands busy and was tinkering with nuts and bolts and stuff like that

  12. Oohkay alot of you have been saying Leo is a child of Hermes or Hephaesteas. I think He’s hephaesteas cuz of how he rigged the coaches megaphone. Speaking of Coach GLEESON HEDGE, he’s in the Last olympian, when Annabeth and Percy are reading reports. He was asking for grover. Could this have anything to do with avything?

  13. Wait a minute, Could Jason be percy in disguise and the mistress is piper? Piper could be very powerful and percy could be cheating on annabeth and acting like he had no idea of what was going on so annabeth wouldnt be curious

  14. Jason can’t b Zeuss son. Can u tell me why he knows the ROMAN name of the monsters? The wreath on his coin. Caeser was roman people. Henceforth, the roman god of storms, Jupiter

  15. Maybe Jasons memories were somehow erased by the river Lethe (remember, Hades told Alecto to do that with Nico and Bianca before bringing them to the Lotus Hotel). He could’ve got stucked in the underworld, maybe after a fight at the river, or a god did it.


  17. I recon Jason is the son of the winds you know zephyr I think, anyway zues could be his dad but it is strange how he don’t know his past!

  18. LOVE IT! anyway im going crazy serching the web for 3rd chapter I don’t think it is percy jackson in disgise I recon it is luke in the 2nd life ๐Ÿ˜› great keep on writing!

  19. there is a possibility that eris, goddess of strife and discord is the misstress. she can want the deaths of the demigods mentioned because it may lead to another event in which the gods are involved. eris might just want this for fun or for revenge to the gods. the oath line of the prophecy might be some demigod that made an oath to her to kill the 7 demigods but ends up regreting it and sacrificing him/herself to save the demigods.

  20. i think maby there is a small chance that the misstress can be eris, goddess of chaos strife and discord. and that line about the oath can be someone who made an oath to her to kill the 7 demigods, but in the end regrets it and sacrifices him/herself to save them.

  21. R.R should write a series where the egyptian gods and the greek gods are going to fight a war against each other and carter sadie percy and annabeth have to work together to stop it


    -luv angel

  23. Ok i think the mitrees is the mitress of typhon.
    Jason is fo sure son of Zeus. Piper I was was thinking Aphrodite or just maybe Athena. And for Leo for sure hermes or Hephaestus. And Percy has
    a big role to play at the end it says on this Rick Riordan website. And for Jason being from the past or future I dont think he would be but it culd happen. I cant wait to see what Percy and Annabeth do in the book and series,but I know they will have some problems fo r sure but at the end they will be together. CANT WAIT FOR THE BOOK!

  24. @kyra, I guess because of the description of Leo’s face (babyish, like an elf, pointy ears, mischievous smile) and his pranks (Hedges megaphone)… very similar to the Hermes-kids at camp.

  25. Hmm, somehow I think that the seven will all be newcomers, none from the old crew. In this case we’d already have Jason, Leo, Piper and Butch, further might appear also in the following books.
    Especially Percy I don’t expect to be one of the seven.

  26. Why does everyone think Leo is a son Hermes!?!?! To me it just doesnt make sense! Can someone explain this to me??? I think Jason is a son of Zeus but he was born before the no kids law for Zeus, Posiedon, and Hades kinda like Nico and Bianca. Piper could be a daughter of aphrodite because her eyes change color like aphrodite but she doesn’t seem to care about her looks that much. Can’t wait for October 12!!!

  27. OK so from the looks of how it says Jason under both the titles i have a feeling its going to be a lot like red pyramid where they switch off narrators. the third chapter will probably be from Percy’s view and where he is or maybe another demigod or grover

  28. i highly doubt jason is percy it just wouldnt make sense for percy to be the main character of two series though he is probably related or connected somehow to somebody from before.. it could be percy which would be awesome… i definitely think jason is a son of zeus, leo son of hephaetus or hermes, and piper daughter of aphrodite or persephone… she could b aphrodite bc look at selena she was a daughter of aphrodite yet showed courage and went into battle and such… i really hope to see more of annabeth and percy’s relationship bc i LOVE them together! ๐Ÿ™‚ i cant wait to see what happens in october im hoping the rest of the book/series will be as good as the first two chapter! plus im happy to see old characters bc i was gonna be very sad without percy or annabeth in the new series! i wish it was october already! only 2 months and 1 day left!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. i started reading the red pyramid but it wasn’t nearly as good as the percy jackson series.

    also i think that jacob’s theory about hermes sounds very likely but it would be a bit weird if the main character wasn’t really powerful because if he was battling some divine force he wouldn’t have the of water or air and lightning or (unlikely in this case) the dead. just some thoughts though

  30. Anyone else notice that when jason was flying he fealt a “tugging on his shoes” to me that sounds like a refference to Hermes flying shoes so that could be a possibility it would make sense with the golden sword to as sajoo pointed out

  31. I know what you mean, Nick, about having really high expectation for a new book in a series or a new series by an author you already like…and then being disappointed. When I read Riordan’s The Red Pyramid (Book One in The Kane Chronicles) I only felt so-so about it. It was fine, but I wasn’t really pulled into it. Then I read those first two chapters of The Lost Hero and thought, “THIS is what I want!” Why is that? I’m not sure. Maybe I thought I’d already read the “kids find out they are part of mythology” thing and just wanted Percy and Anabeth and Grover for that. (Red Pyramid is Egyptian mythology.)

    I think that certain books speak to us when we read them…I have read a book and loved it and then read it a few years later and thought it was kind of lame…so some of it is reading the right book at the right time. Authors like J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan, who have had uncommonly good success, must feel a lot of pressure as they write new things. I suppose it isn’t any different than someone who has a hit song or album or movie. Pixar seems to have it figured out though. : )

  32. Well, Nick, Hedge said that Jason smells like a halfblood – and the original Jason (yeah, the one and only with the fleece, the lost sandal, etc.) was NOT a halfblood (had no godly parent).
    And… San Diego? (ok, maybe Percy was just keen on visiting Sea World:) )

    Yes, I know that feeling… when I’d read first informations about the ‘Heroes of Olympus’, that it would be about new heroes (with appearance of the ‘old’ just from time to time), my first thought was [darn]!. But now, having read more information from Riordan about the new series and the first two chapters, I’m sure the story and the new crew (and the old hasn’t completely vanished!) will be as amazing as the first series.
    Give it a chance!

  33. Another hint: the book cover!
    You can see three kids (most likely Leo, Piper and Jason) on a mechanical dragon (just like the one from the story in the ‘Demigod files’). Fits clear to Hephaistos – and the boy reining it is obviously black-haired Leo -> quite sure a son of the smith’s god.

  34. Well, I think Jason already had learned how to fight in the past, especially with his golden sword. How should he have known about flipping the coin without having done that before? Even Piper had the impression he acted like he’d seen them before.
    I’m not so sure that Rachel told Annabeth ’bout the one-shoe-guy because Butch mentioned that Annabeth had a vision who told her to get there.

    Concerning the idea Jason was sent to the future, that also doesn’t seem to fit. In this case he wouldn’t know things like a bus or be startled by the outfit of the others.
    It might be right that Jason appeared out of nowhere in the bus and has not seen anyone there before – the mist fooled everybody but Hedge (normal with satyrs). Also Leo couldn’t recall how they first met. Therefor Jason might have been brought there by a god or other powerful entity.
    And if he’s the answer for the question what happened to Percy he could be the reason why Percy got lost. Maybe Percy was taken (or trapped?) to where Jason was before (imprisoned?) and now is held there, maybe amnesic, too.
    Yes, a lot of maybes…

    But Piper really seems to be a daughter of Aphrodite, not only because of her eyes but also because of the BMW-story how she talked the driver into “lending” her his car.

  35. also, and maybe it’s just me, but has anyone ever read a great book/series, and then, when a sequel comes out, and you find out it isn’t about the original characters you’re disappointed? Because you loved the original band of heroes. . .and these new people can’t live up the the originals.

    That’s how I fell right now.
    I can’t wait til this begins, but I really don’t like this.

  36. guys guys guys. Leo is hephaestus’s son, Piper is. . well i donnt know. but Jason is JASON. the guy who carried the fleece. who carried hera across the river, and lost ONE SHOE. jeez. and percy’s in san diego.

  37. some people were talking about jason having learned how to fight in the past but in the first book in the percy jackson and the olympians pecy kills a fury (mrs dodds) without any training so jason could have just used instinct and got lucky? just an idea. cant wait for the new book i thought it was the end of percy jackson and was overjoyed when i found the lost hero while looking up the red pyramid.

  38. i can’t wait for the “The Lost Heroes”. Can somebody tell me where’s Percy go? Let me know, please

  39. Hey jacob, absolutely no reason to feel dumb – I’m as clueless as anyone… but it’s really fun making little investigations and considering the possible ‘what’ and ‘who’ and ‘why’ in the long wait for the book.
    And thanks for your information about Jupiter!
    I just recalled The Lightning Thief where at the beginning Chiron (as Mr. Brunner) told Percy in school about the importance to learn everything concerning Greek AND Roman mythology.

  40. Hey, to anyone who is interested in greek mythology there’s a really cool site that I find quite informative: http://www.theoi.com
    (pronounced thee-iee i think….) hope I helped someone!

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