Dewey is in charge of Marriss’s Bike Barn while his parents are out of town. Dewey doesn’t really mind. He likes working on bikes. His little brother Vince helps out too. Vince is actually the one with mad mechanic skills but he’s kind of shy, so he relies on Dewey to handle the customers. Between the two of them, the cheat sheets their Dad left and their list of 8 Rules for Bicycle Repair, they’ve got the shop covered and their big sister Lil can take care of everything else, including the twins.

Everything is under control until a fuel shortage strands their parents away from home and makes everyone in their town suddenly need their bike repaired. The boys wake up to people lined up outside The Bike Barn before they’ve even had breakfast. It gets so bad and Dewey gets so tired that he stumbles outside one morning…without his pants! That’s sleep depravation for you!

The longer the fuel shortage lasts the testier people get. It is so bad that there are no longer cars driving on the highway that passes their house. The highway is full of peole riding bicycles. It’s weird…and quiet.  It sure is good for business until the boys start to run out of parts and tempers start to flare. Meanwhile, back at the house, the kids are beginning to run out of food and the twins ask every 5 minutes, “when is Mommy coming home.”

With bicycles piling up and not enough hands to fix them Dewey hatches a plan that is just like a Marriss – sometimes you’ve got to help people help themselves. I loved watching Dewey and his brothers and sisters get through this crisis together. Each one brings something to the team that helps them cope with each situation that comes up. And don’t even think about messing with a Marriss because you’ll then be dealing with the other four.  Lil, Dewey, Vince, Angus & Ava, I’d want them on my team any day! Author: Leslie Connor

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