The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Tommy has a question that every kid asks himself eventually. Does that cute girl like me, or not? Should I ask her to the dance? Tommy is looking for answers and he thinks he may have found a way to avoid total humiliation by asking Origami Yoda what to do. What is Origami Yoda? He’s Yoda. Made out of paper. A puppet.

Is he REAL? Does he really know things? Can he see the future? Does he use the Force? Or is he just a hoax that fooled a whole bunch of us at Mcquarrie Middle School? (page 1)

To find out of Origami Yoda is the real deal Tommy has compiled a case file that is this book. He interviews each kid in his class who received advice from Origami Yoda and then he comments on each case trying to decide if the advice was good, proving that Origami Yoda is real. His friend Harvey comments too. Harvey definitely doesn’t believe in Origami Yoda. He thinks Origami Yoda is just a green paperwad. He likes to point out that even the “real” Yoda was just a puppet.

How does Origami Yoda speak you ask? Well, the kid who folded him does the talking. Dwight is the kid who walks around school with Origami Yoda stuck on the end of his finger.

The strangest thing about Origami Yoda is that he is so wise even though Dwight is a total loser. (page 4)

You want to know what Dwight is like? His kindred spirit would be Greg Heffley’s friend Rawley (from Diary of a Wimpy Kid). He barfs in class. He picks his nose. He wears knee socks with shorts. And then he goes around school asking people to talk to his finger puppet. When Origami Yoda saves one of the boys from making a total fool of himself in front of a girl he likes, it makes Tommy think. The advice COULDN’T have come from Dwight. He’s a total loser. It HAD to come from Yoda. And this begins Tommy’s collection of evidence about Origami Yoda’s advice. Because he really, really needs to know, does Sara like him. Or not? I laughed all the way through this one! Author: Tom Angleberger

This book has an interesting pre-publication story. The author, Tom Angleberger, had to get permission to use Yoda in his story. Yoda is owned by Lucasfilms and George Lucas. Ater Tom wrote the story he had to ask Lucasfilms for permission to publish a book that has Yoda in it. As Tom shares in this interview, he heard that the person in charge of approving books at Lucasfilms took the book home and had her son read it. The son liked and said, “Let them do it.” Sometimes, kids DO get to make big time decisions! Read the Full Interview.

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  1. McQuarrie Middle School sixth grader Tommy and his friends find themselves getting advice from the origami finger puppet of their classmate Dwight. Dwight is a little weird and has his own problems. With Yoda giving such good answers to their questions, they are left wondering…is Yoda real? A quick to read, humorous story sure to appeal to middle grade readers. A plus is the sequel: Darth Paper Strikes Back.

  2. Great. It starts with a boy Tommy collecting case files to see if the origami Yoda Dwight carries can really give good advice because he wants to know if he should ask his crush to dance. Lots of hilarious story line make this book a must read.

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