Turtle in Paradise

Turtle in Paradise
Turtle knows real life isn’t anything like Shirley Temple.Shirley Temple is this kid actress everyone’s calling “America’s Little Darling.” She has dimpled cheeks and ringlet curls and is always breaking into song or doing a dance number at the drop of a hat. Everyone thinks she’s the cutest thing ever.I can’t stand her. (page #8)And it isn’t just Shirly Temply Turtle doesn’t like. She thinks all kids are rotten and adults aren’t far behind.

Turtle is on her way to Key West, Florida to stay with her Aunt Minerva, a person she has never met. Turtle’s mom got a new housekeeping  job and the boss’s rules are: no kids. Turtle is riding to Florida with a guy who sells hair tonic, a guy who is a friend of her mom’s boyfriend. Turtle doesn’t even KNOW the guy. So, you get the picture about Turtle’s mom. I’ll just say she isn’t quite as careful as you would expect a mother to be.

This trait becomes painfully obvious when Turtle arrives at her Aunt’s house and her Aunt says, “Why are you here without your mother?” Problem. Luckily Turtle’s Aunt takes her in anyway and Turtle starts an adventurous summer with her cousins. Their adventures include crying babys, a secret formula, a mean old lady, a stolen boat & a treasure map! It turns out not ALL kids are rotten, and some adults can be alright too. Author: Jennifer Holm 2011 Newbery Honor Book

In this story Turtle finds a map. If you like maps and the idea of following one to find something, give these a try.map-icon You can use the Map Machine to make your own map.

  • National Parks Service Reading a Map Activity & Quiz
  • Nationa Geographic Map Machine. Enter your address and the machince will show you a road map of your neighborhood, satellite view of your neighborhood and sometimes a bird’s eye view too. Cool!

If you want to Treasure Hunt right now, give these online treasure hunts a try:


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