Nature Girl

Nature Girl

Nature Girl

Megan’s parents have decided to spend the summer in Vermont in an old house with no internet, no cable TV and a million blood sucking insects. To say Megan hates it is putting it mildly. She hates it so much she wishes she had gotten worse grades so that she could be at home in summer school instead. At least she could have gone to the mall on the weekends.

Being stuck in Vermont MIGHT have been at least bearable if her best friend Lucy had come with her, but she didn’t, and the reason why is bugging Megan too. It’s as if nobody understands how bad she has it. At least, that’s what she keeps whining about.

Megan keeps whining and stomping her feet and acting like a teenage brat for a lot of pages. When she gets lost in the woods and has to fend for herself a different part of Megan comes out, and it’s a part I liked a whole lot better. At the beginning I didn’t really like Megan too much, but I still liked reading about her because who hasn’t felt like her at one time or another? I have. You feel like nobody cares or understands or has any sympathy for you. The trick is getting to the point where you can fix whatever’s bugging you and move on. When you have an attitude problem nobody can really fix that but you. Watching Megan get a grip on her attitude problem while having some funny experiences as a cell phone addicted mall-chick stuck in the woods is fun.

And the reason Megan’s friend Lucy chose not to come to Vermont gives Megan some perspective too. There are worse things in life than not getting your own way. Author: Jane Kelley

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