Steel Trapp: The Academy

Steel Trapp: The Academy

Steel Trapp: The Academy

When Steven “Steel” Trapp repeats something from memory, you can bet it’s accurate.

“His father didn’t challenge the accuracy of his son’s memory. Neither did his teachers. In fact, it had been a teacher who’d given him the nickname “Steel” because young Steven ‘had a mind like a steel trap.’ He never forgot anything. He was something of a freak, but he’d come to live with it.” (page 4)

Steel is like Sticky Washington in The Mysterious Benedict Society. If he sees or hears or reads something, he remembers it. It sticks, just like Sticky. This photographic memory makes school pretty easy. This school year, Steel’s FBI agent dad has enrolled him in a fancy boarding school. Steel isn’t quite sure why his dad his picked this particular school, especially after he runs into his friend Kaileigh there also. Coincidence? I dont think so!

It doesn’t take Steel and Kaileigh long to discover there is something oddly secretive about some of the classes at the school…like classes in how to shoot darts with a blowgun. Find THAT in the course catalog! And when Steel tries to talk to his Dad about it all his Dad will say is, “it will all become apparent.” Yeesh. Parents. If they can’t get answers out of the grown-ups, then Steel and Kaileigh decide to do some investigating of their own. They sneak out to follow people, listen in on conversations, find secret panels that lead to secret passages, wear disguises and more. With the help of Steel’s Roommate Verne, they even do a little hacking. All in the day of your kid spy in training. 

Steel is resourceful and persistant. He’s curious and just a little bit relentless. He also thinks Kaileigh is pretty OK. More than Ok actually. Spying with just a little bit of romance. Author: Ridley Pearson

You can read about how Steel and Kaileigh first met in Steel Trapp: The Challenge. You also might like Max Cassidy, the kids in STORM or Alex Rider. All of them are also seasoned agents who have “the kid edge.” Nobody expects kids to be experts at anything, especially spying. If you like Kaileight in particular, try STORM, one of the operatives there is Gaia, like Kaileigh she can speak several languages, but she’s also a chemist – she blows stuff up!
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