The 39 Clues #8: The Emperor’s Code

The 39 Clues #8: The Emperor’s Code

The Emperor's Code

Still hot on the trail of the 39 Clues Dan and Amy Cahill find themselves in China hoping that the trail will continue to lead them to treasure beyond their wildest dreams.

At The Forbidden City in Beijing, Dan and Amy get an up close tour of the famous Terra Cotta Army of  Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di. He was the first Chinese Emperor. (A Cahill of course!) He is well known for unifying China and for building The Great Wall of China. He is also famous for the statue army that was placed in his tomb. The warrior statues are life size and all have a different face – thousands of them! (Really, these statues are real.) While there, Dan finds a pice of fabric in the secret attic of an old temple. The fabric has Cahill family crests on it as well as some Chinese writing. Definately a clue!

When Amy suggests asking Uncle Alistair translate the writing Dan won’t even terra-cotta-armygive the idea a chance. No way is Dan trusting ANYONE every again.

Amy takes this moment to talk about something that has been bugging her for awhile:

There’s something pretty big we have to face up to….Mom and Dad were Madrigals….[W]ho knows what kind of weird stuff a couple of Madrigals could have been into? We look at the other teams as the bad guys. But what if, back then, that’s how the rest of the faily saw Mom and Dad? A couple of loose cannons who had to be stopped?

terra-cotta-warriorThe idea that their parents could have been bad guys makes Dan so angry he runs off in a rage…and promptly gets kidnapped! Now separated, Dan and Amy have some big decisions to make about their loyalty…is it to The 39 Clues, or to each other? And please, somebody tell me, is Nellie a good guy or a bad guy?!! When she is talking on the phone – who is she talking to? Gordon Korman Series: The 39 Clues

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