The Ranger’s Apprentice – Review by Siohban

The Ranger’s Apprentice – Review by Siohban

Ruins of Gorlan

Siohban says,

This book is about a young orphan boy named Will. Will lives with a group of other orphans who were raised by the Baron Arald, known as wards. Choosing day is when the wards turning fifteen get a chance to be an apprentice to one of the masters of the many different crafts that serve the castle and its people. Will is worried that he won’t get chosen, and will have to work on a farm. This is his worst fear.

When Will first arrived at Castle Redmont, he was in a basket with only a note that said, “His mother died in childbirth. His father died a hero. Please care for him. His name is Will.”. Will dreams of his father as a soldier who died during the battle of Hackham Heath, and wishes to go to Battleschool to honor his father, but Will is not built well for Battleschool. He is short and thin, but can move quickly and easily without being seen. Eventually, he gets chosen to apprentice a Ranger.

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Series: The Ranger’s Apprentice

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