Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island

Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island

Max Cassidy Escape from Shadow Island

Max is not a run of the mill middle school kid. On some nights and weekends he does his own show as the world’s most famous escape artist. Handcuffs, straight jackets, shackles, locked boxes…Max is an expert lock picker and can get out of all kinds of traps, even while submerged underwater. He even knows how to swallow a key…and then bring it back up on command. Ick. But impressive.

Max learned everything from his Dad, who is now dead. Max’s mother is in prison for killing his father. Max knows she’s innocent, but in the two years since her trial nothing has come of her appeal.  The day a mysterious stranger appears offering information about the circumstances of his Dad’s death, Max is immediately interested. He arrives at the agreed upon rendezvous point only to discover the mysterious stranger dead.

Obviously there are people keeping secrets, people who don’t want Max finding out anything; people who don’t want Max or anyone else asking uncomfortable questions. But Max has had enough. During his weekly prison visits he has watched his Mom slowly lose weight and lose hope. Max is ready to take action and ask questions later. When the bad guys decide to shut him up and lock him up, they just don’t know who they’re dealing with. Author: Paul Adam

More undercover kids who take on bad guys with kid skills. Sometimes being a kid is a great cover. People just don’t expect much. Their loss.
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