Northward to the Moon

Northward to the Moon

Northward to the Moon

Jane Lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her stepfather Ned, her mom , her sister and her two little brothers. If you look at a map, Saskatchewan is above Montana…right in the middle of land. Jane used to live in a beach house in Massachusetts, now she’s stuck in a crummy little house in the middle of the never-ending prairie. It’s dry and it doesn’t feel at all like home.

After living in Canada for a year Ned gets fired from his  job teaching French at the local high school, the job that brought the family to Canada in the first place. It took the town that long to figure out that Ned didn’t speak any French.

What? Ned moved his family across a continent for a job teaching French…when he didn’t even speak French? Well now, that tells you a little something about Ned doesn’t it? Ned and Jane’s Mom like to wing it. They like to adventure. They’re fun. They like to pack up and leave and see what happens. But when you’re their kid, that kind of winging can be kind of hard. Jane realizes that between the two of them the fate of her and her sister and brothers will be decided…again, and she isn’t too sure she wants them in charge!

And just when things can’t get any dicier,  Ned gets a phone call and decides to visit an old friend. Ned loads everybody up to visit Mary and finds that she has a surprise for him, a bag left by his brother John, a brother he hasn’t seen or spoken to for years.

Ned takes the bag, stupefied.
 “Open it,” I urge.
 “Yeah,” he says, shaking himself like a dog. “Right.”
 He opens the duffel bag.
 It is full of money.

Whooah. Weren’t expecting that were you? Me either! Follow Jane and her family as they track down members of Ned’s family and learn their stories. Jane finds out that life is unpredictable  just like the people in it! Author: Polly Horvath

Kids at the mercy of the decisions of the adults around them – that’s kind of the state of every kid isn’t it? Parents decide to move or get a new job, get a dog or not get a dog…all kids can relate to the powerlessness of being a kid. If you liked Jane and following her adventure adapting to the whims of her parents – try some of these kids. The first one, My One Hundred Adventures, is Polly Horvath’s first book about Jane and her family.
My One Hundred Adventures Every Soul a Star The Year the Swallows Came Early My Life in Pink and Green
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