Dreamdark: Silksinger

Dreamdark: Silksinger


Dreamdark is a wonderful, imagined place full of faeries and hobgoblins and dragons and imps and dragonflies and moths and other creatures. Look at the cover. Check out that sword, and the facial tattoos. It worked perfectly for my imagination. The picture brings to vivid life this tale of a battle against the forces of evil fought by some faeries that can really “bring it”!

The heroes in this story are faeries; small enough to ride on the back of a bird but gifted with magic as well as passionate loyalty. These faeries are not fairies; they are not pixies or Tinkerbells or the little creatures in The Spiderwick Chronicles. These faeries are warriors. Meet them:

Magpie Windwitch: Tough, loyal, experienced warrior, possesses special magical powers she is just learning to control. She doesn’t like to brush her hair, that’s not her thing. Magpie is all action. She’s also champion to the Djinn King who has given her a task to collect five hidden Djinn that can help him save her world.

Talon: Magpie’s right hand. He’s a Scamperer Faerie. He doesn’t have his own wings but has crafted himself magic wings out of spidersilk. He’s strong and fast with good instincts. He’s the guy you want to watch your back – he’s got Magpie’s at all times.

Whisper Silksinger: A quiet girl from a family of weavers. She’s small and fragile. She can’t fly, but she can weave a magic carpet and fly on that. She can conjure and do spells. Her clan lives in secrecy on an island she has never been away from. She thinks she’s not a warrior, but oh, she’s a warrior all right.

Hirik: Determined to become a champion even though his clan has been exhiled for a betrayal that occurred long before he was born. Hirik knows what it is to be the ousider and will fight to protect the weak, the underdog and the fragile little faerie named Whisper.

These four share devotion to family, friends & to a cause. Their stories begin separately, but they eventually meet to take on the very worst kind of evil, the kind that passes itself off as a friend. Dreamdark is an exotic place, where powerful Devils hide in bottles & where singing makes silk weave itself into flying carpets. Author: Laini Taylor

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The setting of Silksinger is exotic and interesting but the real appeal to me is the four friends and how they make up a team. They have the same appeal as Percy, Anabelle, Grover & Tyson or Harry, Ron & Hermione. If you like that kind of tight friendship where each person makes the group stronger, try some of these out. These stories are also set in fantastic places:
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