After Ever After

After Ever After

After Ever After

In Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie, we met Stephen, who is trying to cope with the fact that his little brother Jeffrey has been diagnosed with leukemia.

In After Ever After…we get Jeffrey’s side of the story. Jeffrey is through his chemotherapy…

The treatment lasted almost three years, and it was rough. I lost all my hair, which used to be blond and curly and really cool. When it grew back in, it was brown and straight and really dorky….I don’t remember most of the details, but I know that being treated for leukemia was torture.

The funny thing is, the treatment is nothing compared to what happens after you’re “cured.” And that’s the  most annoying thing in the world: They tell you how lucky you are to be cured, like you’ve escaped a death sentence. But being a cancer survivor can be a life sentence all its own.

now he’s “that kid who had cancer.” As his mom asks on the way home from the last hospital trip “What do we do now?”  For Jeffrey, that’s a really, really hard question. This is his story about what it’s like to move on after such an experience.

Jeffrey is irreverant, that means he likes to mock things, even cancer. He’s funny, but most of all, he’s brutally honest. I liked him right away and I liked the way he spoke upfront about his feelings and about what it’s like to be “that kid who had cancer.” I liked seeing how Jeffrey’s illness effected everyone in his family and all of his friends. Most of all, I liked Jeffrey attitude that life has stuff happen in it. You have to deal with it and move on. Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

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