Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher

Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher

Missile Mouse The Star Crusher

Missile Mouse is one tough mouse. He’s quick thinking, he’s smart, he takes some risks and lives to tell about it.  Sometimes he chooses not to follow the rules and sometimes this gets him into trouble. He saves the day, for sure, but he can’t seem to do it without blowing stuff up.

When his last mission is described as “ill conceived, poorly executed, and by all accounts a failure” his boss makes him take on a partner. Missile Mouse is not happy. Like Mr. Incredible, he works alone.

Perfect. Now you have me babysitting.

Actually, I need him to keep on eye on you. I can’t have you making any more bonehead mistakes.

Missile Mouse and his new partner are given a mission that is more important than ever. In fact, there is no room for bonehead mistakes or the entire universe is in peril. They cannot let the Star Crusher be built. Good guys, bad guys, betrayals, aliens, spaceships, explosions…it’s all in here. Author: Jake Parker

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