The Chestnut King

The Chestnut King

The Chestnut King

In Book 1: The 100 Cupboards Henry York found 99 cupboards hidden behind the plaster in his bedroom wall. The doors lead to other worlds and one door lead to Henry’s real home and his real parents. In Book 2: Dandelion Fire Henry learned about himself and the power of the dandelion fire that burns inside him. In this, book 3, Henry faces the evil that has been after him from the beginning. If he doesn’t win the battle everything he knows will be gone, everyone he knows will be gone. What kind of evil is Henry facing?

…[She] reached into the wicker cage and pulled out a bird. It blinked in the sun, wobbled, and slumped on her palm. She closed her fingers around it…She opened her hand and released a small pile of ash into the wind. It swirled and descended, dusting the surface of the lifeless pond. It was a small life, but she savored it. Greater lives would come. Inhaling slowly, she reached for another bird.

Wow. She devours life with just the touch of her fingers. This witch, she’s ice cold. The minions that she sends out to hunt Henry and his family are ruthless. They don’t care if their victims are old or young or helpless. The tension in this story stays really tight through the whole book. There is no let up in the suspense and the action. That makes you feel Henry’s urgency and makes for a very exciting read. Henry discovers that his only hope is the Chestnut King. The Chestnut King will help, but at a price. Is Henry willing to pay that price to save everything he cares about?

I really liked the characters around Henry in his story.  He has companions that are helping him fight the fight. He has his father and his grandmother, a couple uncles, his cousins and his wonderful, acid tongued friend, Franklin Fat-Faerie. Pay close attention to Fat Frank, and that’s all I’m going to say. Author N.D. Wilson

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100 Cupboards Series:

#1: 100 Cupboards on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudiobook
#2: Dandelion Fire on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudiobook
#3: The Chestnut King on CD, or Downloadable eAudiobook

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