The Cupcake Queen

The Cupcake Queen

The Cupcake QueenManhattan born Penny finds herself transplanted for the summer to tiny Hog’s Hollow, New York right before her Freshman year. This is the Hog’s Hollow where they actually crown a Hog Queen. Penny figures she’ll just lay low and wait it out. At the end of the summer she’ll return to her friends and her real life in Manhattan.

But Penny’s mom has a different plan. She decides to stay in Hog’s Hollow and open up a bakery, which puts Penny’s Freshman year at Hog’s Hollow High School. It also makes Penny wonder about her family. Her Dad is still in New York. How is this going to work?

…I kept thinking about what my dad had said. Everything was going to be fine. And I realized maybe that’s all we can hope for from life: fine. Not happy, not good, but just fine. And in my case “fine” is an acronym for Freakin’ Irrational Nightmare Existence.

When Penny helps her mom deliver cupcakes to the birthday party of the most popular girl in Hog’s Hollow, she is witness to a mishap involving the refreshment table and the birthday girl, who happens to be standing next to it.

She ends up wearing a dozen or more cupcakes like a hat while half a dozen more slide slowly down the front of her dress.

Miss Popular decides to blame Penny and is determined to make Penny’s life at school living misery. One prank after another leaves Penny felling humiliated, angry and lonely. Enter Tally, an independent free-spirit who cooks up a plan to exact some justice for all the humiliation Penny has endured. “Trust me,” she says. Penny does, and this begins a friendship that just might save Penny from her Freakin’ Irrational Nightmare Existence. And the cute guy on the beach with the dog named Sam, he might help too.

This is a great story about a kid negotiating changes in life that are beyond her control and coming to grips with how she is going to react to those changes. Sometimes grownups make choices, and the kids just have to deal with it. Penny’s friend Tally brings self-confidence and comedy to an otherwise difficult situation. Tally brings the idea of possibilities to Penny. Penny is so focused on the things she has lost, she almost misses some wonderful things that are right in front of her face… like new friends and the cute guy on the beach with the dog named Sam. Author: Heather Hepler

This one gets two thumbs up from blog commenter Foo: If you like stories about romance and friendship and school drama you should totally check out “The Cupcake Queen” or “Forget me not.” They are both very good.

If you like The Cupcake Queen here are some more books about kids like Penny who face the changes that happen in their lives with a little anger, a little anxiety, a little humor and with some good friends…just like in real life.
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  1. I liked the Cupcake Queen. But I am not all that into really girly books. Although I did enjoy this. Penny has to deal with struggles in her life. Worst of all her parents won’t eve talk to her unless it has something to do with their divorse. I really wanna find a good book similar to this but I cannot read books that are mushy and gushy girl books. I wouldn’t consider the Cupcake Queen a Mushy girly book.

  2. I think this book was great. it drew in my attention and made me think differently on life’s chalenges.

  3. The Cupcake Queen was an “ok” book. There were no events in the story that captivated me. It was predictable and not a page turner at all. I don’t recomend this book at all. It is also your basic story. A teenage girl whose parents just got divorced and moved to a small town suberb and there is a mean girl and her possi and then the friend who is always motivating her. I only reccomend this book if you are looking for a boring book.

  4. The Cupcake Queen is so easy to relate to. In the book, Penny goes through a move to small town, new school, and the separation of her parents while being a younger teen. What struck me most was that its exactly the story of my life right now, and it helped me see things differently ,such as the move to a tiny town. I recomend this anyone who wants to read a good book!

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