The Books of Umber: Dragon Games

The Books of Umber: Dragon Games

Happenstance FoundIn The Books of Umber Book 1: Happenstance Found, Lord Umber found a boy with no memory. There were unusual things about the boy besides his startlingly green eyes. For one, he never slept. Ever. He could see in the dark and he could jump high…Superman high.

In this second adventure, Lord Umber has taken the boy, Happenstance or Hap, as his ward. That means Lord Umber is Hap’s guardian since his parents and family are unknown. Lord Umber is determined to find out who Hap is and where he came from. He also wants to know more about Hap’s unusual abilities.

Hap loves his new life living in Lord Umber’s castle and he loves his new friends there. There is a library and extraordinary things for Hap to study that Lord Umber has collected in his travels. It’s taking longer, though, for Hap to get used to Lord Umber himself. In the same way that Hap takes comfort in home and desires the routines of a household where he can study and explore, Lord Umber desires reckless adventure. Once his curiousity sets in there is no stopping Lord Umber from finding out what he wants to know, no matter the cost or danger to himself, or the people around him. It’s exciting to be around Lord Umber, but scary too!

Lord Umber receives an invitation to a neighboring kingdom to attend dragon games.  Umber can hardly contain his excitement. What are dragon games? Could there possibly be REAL dragons involved? Lord Umber thinks so and he doesn’t want left out of the action. Umber reminds me a lot of Han Solo only he travels the sea on a ship instead of hurtling through space in a spaceship. Lord Umber is always on the lookout for mythical monsters and magical things that most people think are the stuff of legends and stories.  To see an actual dragon is something he just can’t pass up. Hap is not so excited about leaving on another adventure and neither is Lord Umber’s right hand man Oates. Here is what Oates thinks about Lord Umber and this new adventure:

You’re reckless. You can’t find a beehive without wanting to stick your hand inside. You want to discover things, and you don’t care if you risk our lives along the way. I think one of these days you’ll get one of us killed.

Oates can be so straight with his boss because he just can’t help it. He lives under a curse that requires him to always tell the truth! Lord Umber brushes off all the concerns and the ship sails straight into the unknown, just the way Lord Umber likes it.  In no time the companions are caught up in wild and fantastic adventures involving sea monsters, talking spiders, miniature creatures with gnashing teeth, spewing volcanoes, betrayal within a royal family and yes, dragons! The question is, will this adventure get them any closer to finding out Hap’s true identity? Author: P.W. Catanese

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  1. This is an excellent preview of the book that doesn’t give away any of the secrets and nicely captures the spirit of the story. I also really enjoy it when people include excerpts from the book. Well done. Thanks for reading it!

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