Liam is taller than average. Much taller. In fact he’s so tall he often gets mistaken for an adult, which can be annoying when you’re only twelve. Liam gets really tired of hearing, “You should know better, big lad like you.”

On the other hand, it can come in really handy, like when you need a chaperone. Liam enters a contest to win a trip to a new amusement park in China. To claim the prize he wins, Liam has to impersonate his own father and takes along his friend Florida as his “kid.”

At the amusement park Liam has to act like a dad. What does that mean? Florida, for one, thinks he needs a few tips. 

“Get me presents, and ice cream; don’t sit there telling me about history and stuff.”

And don’t even try telling her what to do, afterall, Liam isn’t a REAL Dad.

“D’you know what time it is? Isn’t it a bit late for ice cream?” “It would be if you were a real dad. But you’re not. You’re a kid. I’m a kid. We can do what we want. If we want ice cream for supper, we can have ice cream for supper.” “And if we want to watch TV all night, ” she said, “we can.” “Yeah, but –” “Not ‘Yeah, but.’ Just ‘Yeah.'”

When the ultimate thrill ride at the park turns out to be a real rocket, Florida and the other kid contest winners are trained for the inaugural flight. Liam is chosen to be the one adult chaperone allowed on the rocket. Why is Liam chosen? For his “kid like qualities” of course!

When an accident sends the rocket hurtling through space, the kids turn to the only grownup they’ve got, Liam, to lead them back to earth. The situation sends Liam scrambling to answer the question “what would a dad do?” Liam gets a crash course in “dadliness”. It turns out it isn’t much about buying presents and supplying ice cream and telling kids when to go to bed! Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce

Cosmic Web Comic Used With Permission:


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