My Name is Phillis Wheatley a Story of Slavery and Freedom

My Name is Phillis Wheatley a Story of Slavery and Freedom

My Name is Phillis Wheatley

This book is a fictionalized version of the real Phillis Wheatley’s life story.  That means it’s not an autobiography. Phillis didn’t write this book, but the author read a lot of things Phillis did write, and wrote this book pretending to be her.

Phillis is just a little girl when she is snatched from her village in Africa – a frightening…well, more than frightening…a terrifying experience. And then she tells about what it was like aboard the slave ship, it almost makes you sick yourself just to read it. Hang in there though because the rest of the story is what makes this book so powerful.

When the slave ship Phillis is on arrives in Boston, she’s laying on the dock, thousands of miles from her home and her family, a total stranger in a strange land and she’s now a slave, destined to be owned like a piece of furniture. She’s laying on the dock so sick from the slave ship she’s been left to die. That pitiful little girl…rises up to become a widely read and respected poet. How that happens is what this story is all about. Author: Afua Cooper

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