The Doom Machine

The Doom Machine

The Doom Machine

Jack Creedle is minding his own business one morning running his newspaper route when a flying saucer hovers over his town. Finally, something interesting is happening in Vern Hollow. But why did the Skreeps choose to land in tiny Vern Hollow?¬†Skreeps usually invade planets, take everything they want for themselves and enslave the people living there. This time they seem to have something different in mind. They are looking for something all over Vern Hollow and they’ll do just about anything to get it.

Jack’s Uncle Bud, the town auto mechanic, has been acting a little strange, well, more strangely than usual. He’s been busy in his backyard shed tinkering on a special projects he’s built inside an old refrigerator. It turns out crazy Uncle Bud is onto something with this invention.¬†It’s the one thing the Skreeps want. It also might be the very thing needed to save earth from the Skreeps, if Jack and his Uncle Bud and a crew of motley friends (and a couple enemies) can keep them from it. A high flying alien abduction adventure with Jack and his crazy Uncle Bud – two unlikely heroes that run their adventures their own way. Creedles are used to trouble, trouble always find them. This time, the trouble better look out. Author: Mark Teague

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