Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel

Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel

Mike Stellar Nerves of Steel

“Michael, there’s something your father and I would like to talk to you about.”

Anything that follows a line like that can never be good. But the next time you get hit with bad news, remember Mike Stellar. NOTHING can compare to what came next for him.

“We’re moving to Mars. Tomorrow.” I heard a thump and looked around. Surprisingly, it had come from me. I had fallen off the sofa.

Moving to Mars was NOT in Mike’s plan and he is not pleased with his Mom and Dad.

“Excuse me if Im not skipping down the hall at the thought of moving to a different planet, Mom.”

Mike can take one box of stuff and the lid has to fit on tight when he’s done. So Mike packs his one box and his bad attitude and boards the shuttle.¬†Well, he also packs a seriously contraband outside communication device so he can keep in contact with his best friend on earth. (Don’t tell.)

On the spaceship Mike does some early morning exploring, like any self respecting kid would do. He stumbles into an area that his parents, and security, act very strangely about. In fact, Mike’s parents act downright guilty. What are they hiding about this space trip? What’s a rebellious, suspicious, smart kid to do? Get to the bottom of it that’s what, and he just might have to break a few more rules while he’s at it. Detention again! Author: K.A. Holt

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