The 39 Clues #6: In Too Deep

The 39 Clues #6: In Too Deep

In Too Deep

Dan and Amy Cahill are still hot on the trail of the 39 Clues, clues that could lead them to treasure beyond their wildest dreams…but they have to actually survive the treasure hunt first.

In book six Dan and Amy encounter some members of the animal kingdom that might even be worse than the their rotten Cahill relatives.

Dan and Amy face a funnel-web, a deadly poisonous spider whose fangs are so long, it’s victims have to actually pull the spider out of their skin, the person can’t just shake the spider off.  Yech.

They also have to deal with a Tiapan, the world’s most poisonous snake. The Tiapan is so dangerous there are no known survivors before an antivenom was developed. In fact, the scientist who tried to capture the first Tiapan in order to research how to make the See full size imageantivenom, was himself bitten…and died! And if that isn’t enough, Amy barely escapes being thrown to sharks. These animal encounters have all been arranged by some of those nasty Cahill relatives who are determined to take Dan and Amy out of the race, even if that means killing them.

So, the stakes are still high and getting higher. The players are getting even more tricky to figure out. Cahill cousin Hamilton Holt helps Dan and Amy out again – could he actually turn into a real ally? Cousin Alistair…is he a good guy or not? And what about that nanny Nellie? She’s a licensed pilot? Who knew that? And what other secrets is she hiding?

This one keeps the action rolling and emotions running high. When Amy finds out that the fire that killed their parents was not accidental she and Dan make a serious recommittment to the race for the clues. They don’t want just revenge, they want justice. Patrick Carman Series: The 39 Clues

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