The Brooklyn Nine

The Brooklyn Nine

The Brooklyn Nine Felix plays in 1854 and likes the New York Knickerbockers. Louis is a soldier during the Civil War and plays ball between battles. Arnold is a fan in 1894 and gets to meet his favorite player. Walter is a batboy for the Brooklyn Superbas in 1908. Frankie does a little betting on the game in 1926. Kat, a girl, plays for the Grand Rapids Chicks in 1945. Jimmy can’t believe it when he finds out the Dodgers are leaving Brooklyn in 1957. Michael just might pitch a perfect game in 1981. Snider turns baseball memorabelia into dollars on e-bay in 2002. Nine innings in a baseball game, nine kids in this story told in nine chapters…one chapter for each kid. The nine kids have baseball in common and something else, something really important…but you’ll have to get to the last chapter to find out what it is. TIP: Pay attention to the bat and the ball. Each chapter is a story itself but the way the author ties it all together at the end is really cool! Author: Allan Gatz Look

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