Adam Canfield the Last Reporter

Adam Canfield the Last Reporter

Adam Canfield the Last Reporter

Adam Canfield, his best friend Jennifer, and their crackerjack newspaper staff are fighting to keep their school newspaper, The Slash, alive. Plenty of the adults in their town appreciate the journalism of The Slash but there are a couple powerful adults who have made sure the school will not pay to print The Slash anymore. (They didn’t much like The Slash publishing stories that exposed their bad behavior.)

Adam and Jennifer decide that their only option is to publish the paper themselves. Stories they have lined up are just too good to let go:  what might be inflated state school test scores, a class president candidate that is buying votes by giving out free music downloads and a bicycle thief. To get these stories to the public Adam and Jennifer turn to the Ameche brothers, two street smart kid entrepreneurs who know how to turn a dollar into two dollars.

The Ameche brothers begin their fundraising by selling ads in The Slash. Adam and Jennifer can’t believe how fast the money comes in, until they realize the Ameches have been selling ads in exchange for favorable mentions in the paper – a practice that violates the ethical rules of The Slash. Much to the brothers’ disbelief, Adam and Jennifer turn the money down. After a quick lesson in journalistic ethics the Ameche brothers start over, but can they raise enough money in time?

Adam and Jennifer are just as smart and funny as ever. An interesting side story that I really liked is the profile Adam writes for the paper about staff member Shadow. Adam visits Shadow’s special education class as well as Shadow’s after school job. Adam interviews Shadow and the people who know him best to reveal a three dimensional personality who has a talent for proof-reading and fact checking. Author: Michael Winerip

Adam Canfield Series:

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