My Life in Pink and Green

My Life in Pink and Green

Lucy’s Mom and Grandma run a small town pharmacy. Lucy hangs out there a lot to help out. She straightens shelves and runs the cash register too, but her favorite part of the pharmacy is the beauty aisle. Lucy reads all the boxes and tries out the samples and even though she’s only twelve, she’s kind of an expert.

The problem with the pharmacy is that it is in trouble. There is a lunch counter and soda fountain that nobody is visiting anymore. Too many people are going to Wal-mart instead of their small main street pharmacy. Bills are not getting paid and there’s talk that the family may have to sell their house.

When the local homecoming queen comes in with a major hair disaster, Lucy is able to fix her up for the big night. The beauty queen and her friends become loyal customers.

You saved my friend from horrible hair humiliation at homecoming. You’re like a a hair-care prodigy.

Word gets around and Lucy is soon dishing out beauty tips, make-up lessons, doing nails and offering beauty advice. While kids are there for beauty tips, they begin ordering from the soda counter and buying things. When Lucy joins her school’s Earth Club, her plan really begins to come together, she’s determined to open an Eco-Spa right in her family pharmacy and save it from going out of business

While on the internet, Lucy discovers a grant application for businesses going green. With the help of her college age sister Lucy puts together the grant proposal to make her eco-beauty dreams come true. Will her Mom and Grandma stop bickering long enough to listen to her plan? Do they notice that Lucy has loyal customers of her own, returning for their beauty treatments before the prom and graduation? Do they realize that Lucy has a plan, a real business plan, even if she is just a kid? This is a story for any kid who has ever been frustrated by grownups that won’t take them seriously, just because of their age. Old people don’t want discriminated against because of their age – neither do kids!

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Here are some books about other kids who take charge when there is something to fix or fight for. They also don’t like grownups not believing they are capable of big things.
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  1. Hi, I’m in the 7th grade and I recently read your book My Life in Pink & Green. We are having to do a visual tool called Authors Viewpoint. We have to do a book project with this visual tool and I chose this book. In the visual tool have to find the Authors viewpoint and then find things in the book that support it. The authors viewpoint didn’t come very clear. I thought it could be Helping others is always a good thing no matter who they are. But I don’t know that is right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i lovee this book and all of the tips!!!! im in sixth grade and i was asined a book report to do whith my friend and i just had to chose this book!!! me and my friend kira are such a make up lovers!! we have to do a blog for this book and where gonna post it on tumbler, i will tell you all when its ready!!! i whould love it if you would go over there and check it out!!

  3. It has been awhile since I read this one Kira but I think the grant is for a business that is starting to do a part of their business environmentally responsible “going green”. I think Lucy’s plan is to use products in her spa that don’t hurt the environment.

  4. This is truly an amazing book, based on a true story. Anyone who loves helping around with looks and/or the environment can really relate to the protagonist. If you really care about your friends, your family, people desperate to look ‘attractive’, and the Earth, I would recommend in picking up this little masterpiece.

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