The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician's Elephant

Peter is an orphan. Even though he is just a boy, he has a job taking care of an old soldier. Peter is supposed to be learning how to be a soldier, but mostly he is just being a servant boy to the soldier. Peter is sad and lonely.

One day on his way to buy some food, Peter impulsively spends his food money on a fortune-teller. The fortune-teller tells Peter that his little sister Adele is still alive and that an elephant will lead him to her. An elephant in the middle of winter! What nonsense! What a waste of money. And now Peter will go hungry as well.

But strange and magical things are about to happen. The very night that Peter visits the fortune-teller a magician is putting on a show. He makes an elephant, (an elephant!) appear out of thin air.

Can this miraculous elephant mean that Peter can have a miracle of his own? Is his sister really alive and can the elephant help him find her? Author: Kate DiCamillo

  • Look Inside The Magician’s Elephant
  • Read Chapter One The Magician’s Elephant
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  • The Magician’s Elephant Official Website
  • Read an Interview with the Author: Kate DiCamillo
  • Listen to an Interview with the Author: Kate DiCamillo
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