The Secret of Zoom

The Secret of Zoom

The Secret of Zoom

Christina lives in a stone mansion in a forest surrounded by a 20 foot barbed wire fence. The fence is electric and has signs that say “Trespassers will be boiled.” The only other buildings inside the fence are Loompski Laboratories, where her father works (and where her mother died in a lab explosion) and an orphanage full of kids Christina is not allowed to meet. With binoculars Christina can watch the kids at Dorf Elementary school play at recess, but she’s never been to school herself.

While playing in her yard one day Christina is surprised to meet an orphan boy named Taft who is collecting trash on the other side of the fence. He urgently whispers, “have you found the tunnel yet?” Now here’s something worth investigating. Could the rumor of the tunnel in the stone mansion actually be true? It can!…and it leads straight to the orphanage where Christina rescues her orphan friend and finds out more than she ever wanted to know about Loompski Laboratories and what the orphans are used for.

Christina and Taft discover hidden inventions built and abandoned by the missing founder of Loompski Laboratories (a kid-sized, kid-powered two seater airplane for one!) and use them to bring down the current owner of the lab, expose his sinster plan and free the orphans.  A great adventure story fueled by friendship and the pursuit of happiness and justice! Author Lynne Jonell

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