The Magickeepers: the Eternal Hourglass

The Magickeepers: the Eternal Hourglass

The Magickeepers: the Eternal Hourglass

Nick Rostov lives in Las Vegas. His Dad is a magician and performs his show of mediocre tricks all over town. Nick’s actually a little embarrassed by it. But on his 13th birthday, Nick learns that he isn’t just the son of a marginally talented trickster…he’s actually descended from a long line of Russian magicians on his mother’s side of the family – the real kind. No illusions here just powerful, real magic.  Nick’s relatives “blend in” by doing a show in Las Vegas. The audience dcesn’t know it, but their show is the real deal.

Nick is invited to join his newfound family to learn about his talents and practice them in their Vegas show. He also begins to learn about his Russian heritage and try more new things than just magic, like beet soup and cavier (that’s fish eggs!).  During has magic lessons Nick finds out this his family members are known as “Magickeeprs.” Their job is to keep ancient magical objects safe from the evil “Shadowkeepers.”

It isn’t too long before the “Shadowkeepers” arrive and will stop at nothing to get an ancient hourglass that has the power to  stop time. Author: Erica Kirov

Book 2 in the Magickeepers is The Pyramid of Souls and Book 3 is The Chalice of Immortality. If you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us, try learning some magic skills of your own.
The Pyramid of Souls Chalice of Immortality Amazing Magic Tricks Apprentice Level Simple Sleight of Hand
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