The Tomorrow Code

The Tomorrow Code

The Tomorrow Code

Start this book when you have a nice block of time because you won’t want to put it down. The action starts very close to the beginning and is non-stop to the very end. This is an action movie blockbuster on paper.

Tane and Rebecca receive a mysterious coded message. What first appear to be random numbers turn out to be the winning numbers in the lottery! Who sent them the prize-winning numbers? Why didn’t the person just play the numbers themselves?

More messages come. Tane and Rebecca realize that the message are coming from themselves…from the future! The lotto numbers are one thing, but when one of the messages includes an SOS the kids realize that the future of the world just might lay in their own hands. Can they decipher the messages and save the world, and themselves, before it is too late?

Computers, high speed chases, science gone wrong, night vision goggles, scuba gear, a submarine, biohazard suits, a super virus, military special forces…it’s all in here. I’m usually not a big fan of time travel stories, but I liked this one a lot. It it a wild ride and it has several “makes the hair on your arms stand up” moments too. Author: Brian Falkner

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