43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

Dying to Meet You

This book doesn’t have any chapters in it. It’s a collection of letters and notes with a few newspaper articles thrown in here and there. You have to figure out who is who and what is going on by reading the letters the characters write to each other and by reading the newspaper articles that report the strange happenings at 43 Old Cemetery Road.

Ignatius B. Grumply is a crabby old author with writer’s block who has rented a creepy old house for the summer. He doesn’t know it, but a boy named Seymour is living on the third floor and a ghost lives in the attic – a bossy old lady ghost.

The old man is none too happy when he discovers the boy. Seymour isn’t too happy about the old man either. The two set up a few house rules to keep things from getting ugly:

Mr. Grumply’s Rules:

  • You will not bother me when I am writing
  • You will stay out of my bedroom and bathroom at all times.
  • You will not lurk in doorways or dark hallways.
  • You are not permitted on the second floor, which I have claimed as my own for the duration of the summer.

Seymour’s Rules:

  • You will not tell me what time I have to go to bed.
  • You will not tell me what to eat or when to eat it.
  • You will not play old man music on the stereo.
  • You’re not allowed on the third floor. No exceptions.

And this begins a tentative agreement to help the two get through the summer without all out war breaking loose. They agree to communicate by letter, which is fine, until the old man shoots some accusations at Seymour that are simply not true. The slamming doors, the loudly playing piano, the falling chandalier – none of that was Seymour, that was the ghost!  Mr. Grumply doesn’t believe a word of it and he isn’t at all interested in having a liar for a housemate.

Read the letters to hear them duke it out in writing – the letters are funny exchanges between these people who don’t care for each other at all…at first! Author: Kate Klise Series: 43 Old Cemetery Road

If you liked Dying to Meet You don’t miss the other 3 in  the 43 Old Cemetery Road series, and when you get done with those, try Billy Bones – he’s another ghost in hiding with a fun family. 
Dying to Meet You Til Death Do Us Bark The Phantom of the Post Office Billy Bones a Tale from the Secret Closet
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  1. I. B. Grumpily is trying to find a house to write his new book in about the ghost tamer, so he moves into the house on 43 old cemetery road .He doesn’t realize that the house is occupied by a boy named Seymour hope and his cat shadow and an annoying ghost Olive C. Spence.They don’t want to share.

  2. In the middle of reading this book I had a lot of questions and observations. One question is can Seymour see Olive C. Spence? I also noticed that most of the characters names have different words in them.

  3. I. B. Grumpily is trying to find a house to write his new book in about the ghost tamer, so he moves into the house on 43 old cemetery road .He doesn’t realize that the house is occupied by a boy named Seymour hope and his cat shadow and an annoying ghost Olive C. Spence.They don’t want to share so he is getting pranked about everything read the book it is very good so far

  4. Ignatius B. Grumply told Anita $ale that a random boy was living on the third floor of his knew house and he had a cat with him. Ignatius strictly told Anita $ale to remove both of them from the house! Anita told Ignatius that the science he bought the house he has to take care of the boy and his cat until the parents told him to bring both the boy and his cat safely back to them!

    That is what I read. – Emma

  5. Olive has told Ignatius B. Grumply to leave the house and that she hated his books. Mr. Grumply thought that Seymour wrote the letter and told him “I thought you didn’t like books” and told him to tell his cat to get rid of the mice. Then Seymour told him that Olive wrote the letter and that Shadow(Seymour’s cat)didn’t like mice but liked Olive’s cooking better. After that, Mr.Grumply got angry and said that he was coming up to the cupola to give him a spanking. Olive sent a letter that he would not touch Seymour. Mr.Grumply thought Seymour wrote it. When Mr..Grumply went up the stairs a chandelier almost killed him. He had to go to the hospital because he stepped on most of the glass pieces.

  6. Ignatius moved into the Spence Mansion, but what didn’t know is that a ghost with the name of Olive C. Spence created the house and still haunts the house. There is only one person that can see her and that is Seymour Hope. Only when she wants him to though. Ignatius is trying to write a book, but Olive keeps distracting him. Ignatius thinks that it is Seymour and so he said that if he kept doing those things to distract him that there would be big punishment. So Olive wrote a letter to Ignatius saying that if he laid a hand on Seymour, that he was going to regret it. When Ignatius went up to Seymour, Olive dropped a chandelier right by Ignatius and glass got into his foot. He went to the hospital but only stayed there for a night or two.When he came back, he wrote Seymour a letter.

  7. Wow! Is this a great book or what?!? It leaves me hanging every time I read a chapter. The author is sooooo discpriptive when she is writing. It feels like I am apart of the story! I am so excited to see how the book ends. My favorite character so far is Olive. I like that she takes care of seymour. Its like she is his acctual mom. I also like that the author made their names mean something… like Olive C. Spence, Means all of suspense!! So freaky!!!

  8. Ignatius B. Grumply is a writer looking to rent a house to write his book series in , because he does not like any distractions including children and phone calls. He locates a real estate agent named Anita $ale and she gives him a few houses to look through. He found a house and said that he would buy it on the spot. When he goes to the house he finds that a young boy living there and a cat. He complains to Anita $ale about it and that is all i read!

  9. What I read was that Ignatius was looking for a peace full place to work his children book series the ‘Ghost Tamers’ away from all the kids his words were ‘I happen to write books for children. that does not mean I want to see or hear the little monsters.’ Anita $ale a realtor who sent Ignatius a brochure for properties to rent he chose 43 Old Cemetery road what he didn’t know was that a ghost lived there named Olive C Spense and a kid and his cat lived there the kids name is Seymour Hope. His parents own the house. Olive and Seymour are best friends. Seymour and Ignatius write letters to communicate. Olive starts writing notes to Ignatius she reads his diary and learns about someone who he loved but broke his heart. Thats what I read

  10. Ignatious B Grumphy is the writer of the ghost tamer books. He is looking for a house were he can write his 13th book free of disturbance. So he finds a realtor Anita Sales and finds his dream home. But the house that he rented comes with a liitle surprise there is a boy that lives in the house and he is staying. So Mr. Grumpy has to lay down the law with this boy named Seymour and comes up with tons of rules. But Seymour also has some rules to. Seymour claims that there is a ghost in the house but mr grumpy does not belive in the ghost he calls olive.

  11. Is it just me or does Mr. Grumply sound creepy or weird? I mean he said not to go in his bathroom/bedroom,don’t bother me when i am writing,and Seymour is not aloud to go up to the second floor.And even when Anita $ale says he might not want to buy it he buys it.Comment back if you think I’m right or wrong.

  12. I love the names of the characters in this book! Like Olive C Spense is I love suspense,I. B. Grumply is I be grumpy, and Anita Sale is I need a sale! They’re so cool! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  13. I.B Grumply is trying to find a house to write his next book in.Then he finds Spence Mansion on 43 old cemetery road. Then he moves in and meets a ghost named Olive a boy named Seymour and Seymour’s cat Shadow.

  14. I absolutely LOVE this book! It leaves you hanging and wanting to read more after each chapter, the names are so creative like Olive C. Spense { which is I love suspense}, and the author and illustrator are sisters. Whats not to love! This is a very mischievous book and has an amazing setup! I can’t wait to read the end of this fascinating book! So far I think the best character of all is…….Olive C. Spense, whats not to like? She is like a mother to Seymour, she is a really interesting character, and she is a ghost! Well, I got to keep on reading to get the rest of my mysterious wonders floating around up in my curious mind!

  15. I absolutely LOVE this book! The book leaves you hanging and wanting to read more after each and every chapter, the names are super CREATIVE like Olive C. Spense {which is I love suspense}, and the author and illustrator are sisters! Whats not to love? This is a very mischievous book and the setup is just MIND-BLOWING! I can’t wait to read the end! Honestly so far I think the best character is ….. Olive C. Spense! She is a very interesting character, she is like a mother to Seymour, and she is a ghost! Whats not to like? Well, I got to keep reading to fill my mind up with mysterious thoughts that floats around in my curious head.

  16. I. B Grumply is looking for a house to get away from kids to spend some alone time to write his book, apparently he thinks the Spence Mansion on 43 old cemetery road is the perfect fit for him. But little does he know that there’s an 11 year old boy named Seymore living with his cat shadow on the 3rd floor with a ghost who haunts the house. This book has a whole bunch of cliff hangers and leaves you wanting to know more and more! The book is so funny and happy all together!
    I absolutely love this book, it reminds me of halloween and and its a good season for it too! Well i got to go keep on learning!

  17. I think that Olive C. Spence is being a bit to rude to Mr.Grumply after all she is dead ,and dropping the Chandeilier right next to him was probably the right thing to do just not with a with a Chandeiler he could have died !!! But I do quiet like Seymore I mean he is just likeable with the funny drawing that would of course confuse Mr.Grumply.

  18. This book is amazing to me even though I am not even finished. So far I.B Grumpy has rented a Victorian styled home so that he can “finish” his book as in start. Once he gets to the house he discover that a boy by the name of Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow is living there with a ghost or “hallucination” is also in the house. He tries to get out of the rental agreement, but fails. Mr.Grumply now has to take care of Seymour and Shadow. I am so exited to keep reading. I don’t know how I’m going to wait. One more thing before I go. There is something I almost forgot about

  19. “Dying to meet you” to me is a great book by Kate Klise. It is very clever using lots of clever names, including Seymour Hope which is (see more hope) and many more. This novel makes me want to jump to the moon and back wanting to read more of this wonderful series. I have lots of questions about this exciting book but one is buzzing around me like a fly and that is, why do they want to drive everyone out of the house? Do they do it for fun? Type your answer in the comment section.

  20. Summary Of DTMY:
    S- I.B Grumply
    W- to have some time to his self
    B- Seymour Hope was also living in the same house as grumply
    S- He made a list of rules for Seymour, And Seymour made a list for him
    T- Grumply has writers block, and he probably is going to go past the deadline

    So far I think this is an amazing book. I don’t think Kate Klise could have wrote it better. I think this book is off to a great start!

  21. I think that 43 Old Cemetery Road is a very interesting book that draws me into the book. Olive C. Spence is very mysterious and Mr Grumply well he’s just grumpy. The way that the writer wrote the book is like you don’t want to stop reading it. It is a very good book

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