Franny Parker

Franny Parker

Franny Parker

Franny has plans for the summer, mostly to take care of all the animals in her barn. Since deciding to open her own Animal Hospital, everybody in town has been delivering hard-up animals on their last leg: abandoned baby mice, a turtle with a broken shell, some opossums and some baby birds.

The summer gets a little more interesting when the new neighbors move in. Lucas is a little older than Franny, and he’s a boy, but he’s interested in her animals and he’s fun to be around.

It’s kind of weird when Lucas and his mom paint over their name on their mailbox. Even weirder is Lucas’s reaction when Franny tells him there was a strange car in his driveway. “When? Who was in it?…What did he say? Did you talk to him?…Why didn’t you tell me Franny?”

The strange car, and the man in it, returns…and life for Lucas and his mom suddenly gets very hard. Franny’s parents try to help, but what do you do if the people you are trying to help say they don’t need any help? And what do you do if you think the people aren’t asking for help because they are too scared? Franny and her family face these tough questions as they try to reach out to Lucas and his mom. Author: Hannah McKinnon

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