The Day-Glo Brothers

The Day-Glo Brothers

The Day-Glo Brothers

  • Bob and Joe Switzer were just two boys having fun; riding in airplanes, practicing magic tricks and inventing stuff. They liked to problem solve by thinking up interesting solutions to problems.

Joe liked magic tricks and read in the magazine Popular Science about how ultraviolet lamps, called black lights, made some substances glow in the dark. The brothers made some glow-in-the-dark paint and figured out ways to use them to jazz up Joe’s magic act. Then they figured out something really unique, how to get colors to glow in the daylight –  and a legend was born.

You see day-glo colors all the time now, on signs or in markers or even on clothes, but none of that was possible until Bob and Joe got curious and then got to work. I loved reading about these guys! Author: Chris Barton

  • Read an Interview with the Author, Chris Barton

There are things in nature like flowers and minerals that are fluorescent – these things glow at night. The Switzer brothers figured out how to make things glow in daylight. 


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