The Dragons of Ordinary Farm

The Dragons of Ordinary Farm

The Dragons of Ordinary Farm

Lucinda and Tyler are nothing but angry when their mom reveals that she is leaving for the summer. Then an unexpected letter arrives inviting the kids to spend the summer on a distant relative’s farm. How convenient.

The kids are hustled off to a train station and are soon on their way to the unknown – a place called Ordinary Farm. During the train ride, the kids open a package from the farm and discover a homemade handbook with weird instructions in it like, “It should never be forgotten, even in the most routine tasks of care and feeding, that these animals are large and dangerous. Even a belch from a content cow can throw out a six-foot flame.” Now, I’m a city kid and I know cows don’t breath fire. It turns out this farm Lucinda and Tyler are going to is no ordinary farm.

And the distant relative, Uncle Gideon, well, he’s no ordinary farmer either. Nor is Ragnar or Mr. Walkwell or Mrs. Needles or any of the other people who live and work on the farm. Uncle Gideon has a very good reason for inviting Lucinda and Tyler to the farm, if only they can figure out what it is. Can you keep a secret? Uncle Gideon hopes Lucinda and Tyler can.

This one reminds me a little bit of Fablehaven…magical creatures living in a secret place, a brother and sister that need to unravel the secrets of the place and an old relative who has all the answers but doesn’t seem to want to share them all. The book jacket says that this is the authors’ “first” book about Ordinary Farm so I think we’ll be seeing some more. This book lets you know what Ordinary Farm is all about but there are still secrets at the end – questions that will be answered and bad guys to be outwitted in future stories.

Who doesn’t want what looks to be a summer full of feed buckets and mucking stalls to turn into a summer full of much, much more? Authors: Tad Williams and Deborah Beale

If it’s dragons you like, try The Dragon of Trelian or Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate or Hatching Magic. Read some good books, get some ideas and then try to draw some. The Dragon Drawing Book will help you get started.
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