Any Which Wall

Any Which Wall

Any Which Wall

Susan, Roy, Henry & Emma live in Iowa. It’s summer, it’s hot and they’re bored. They do have bikes though, so they take off exploring. They really don’t expect to have much happen, but riding bikes is at least more interesting than sitting on the porch bored and hot. Imagine their surprise when they find a mysterious brick wall rising up out of the middle of a cornfield.

The kids try to think of all the different reasons the wall might be there. Thinking about this is at least interesting and something to do, but the sun is still hot. The kids are hot. The kids are thirsty. One of them wishes for a root beer float and suddenly the kids find themselves transported to a diner…serving root beer floats! Now this is a discovery!

Through trial and error the kids figure out the rules that make the wishing wall work. They find that they can wish their way through time or space. Each friend takes a turn making a wish and crazy adventures follow. Whenever magic is concerned, it’s always important to keep in mind, “be careful what you wish for!” I thought it was a nice change of pace to read a magical story where the fate of mankind doesn’t hang in the balance…a kind of magic that makes a root beer float appear when you really need one!

In the story, the kids like the Edward Eager Half Magic series of books. These are real books that you can read too. In the Hal f Magic books, bored kids find a magic coin. The problem with the coin is you only get half your wish, so lots of crazy adventures happen. Author: Laurel Snyder

If you like this one, you also might like The Penderwicks. There isn’t any magic in the Penderwick books but the kids have fun adventures anyway riding their bikes, exploring and doing the things kids do when there aren’t adults around…because if you aren’t out on your bike exploring with your friends, you’ll never find a magic coin or a magic brick wall!
Half Magic The Penderwicks The Penderwicks of Gardham Street
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