Kid Review: Suddenly Supernatural Unhappy Medium

Kid Review: Suddenly Supernatural Unhappy Medium

Suddenly Supernatural Unhappy Medium

Spirit-seeing Kat has pretty much overcome her fear of communicating with ghosts. Author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Series: Suddenly Supernatural Reviewer: Bra-Lynn

I haven’t read this one but after I watched the author’s video below – I thought it looked pretty good. I love Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator, so I’m thinking I’ll like this series too. Creepy and fun when characters can communicate with the dead! Besides, Bra-Lynn says it’s good!

Summary from the Online Catalog: “Kat accompanies her best friend Jac to a musicians’ conference at the Whispering Pines Mountain House, where she works to free the spirit of a dead medium and helps Jac resolve a serious conflict.”

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  1. Hey, has anyone on here read the Percy Jackson series? If so, go to the Heroes of Olympus blogg!(:

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