Kid Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series

Kid Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series

The Lightning Thief

This summer, I blogged about the last book in the Percy Jackson & The Olymians series, The Last Olympian. Kids can’t seem to say enough about Percy. Here is what a couple kids had to say about the first book in the series, The Lightning Thief:

This book and the series that follows it is just- awesome. I really recommend this book for someone who might love greece- mythology- or action. This book is written from a twelve year olds point of view ( but the author is much older) and he turns out to be the son of Posiedon the Water God. There are 6 books and they all follow each other up with more action and exitement any other book can show you. I love this book and you might too. Author: Rick Riordan Reviewed by: Emma

i love this book. just because it is about greek myhtology, doesnt mean that it is boring. it informs you with so much, yet it is so fun to read. rick riordan made an amazing book, and we should all be proud. greek mythology is something that is very special, and no one really pays too much attention to it. but this book reunites all greek mythology fans. from god to gorgon! from satyr to cyclops! be proud of what this world has made. Author: Rick Riordan Reviewed by Emily

The Last Olympian

And finally, a kid word about The Last Olympian. The Last Olympian is so cool let alone the rest of the series! Reviewed by: Storm

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    #5: The Last Olympian on CD and Downloadable Audiobook

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