Operation Redwood

Operation Redwood

Operation Redwood

12 year-old Julian is stuck at his Aunt and Uncle’s house for the summer while his mom is working in China. What’s worse, they are planning to send him to math camp…not regular summer camp or boy scout camp…math camp. Julian hates math. Julian gets the distinct impression that the purpose of math camp is to get him out of the house and somebody else’s problem.

When Julian meets an internet pen pal who is trying to keep his Uncle Sibley from cutting down a grove of redwood trees, Julian secretly heads to the redwoods instead of boarding the bus to math camp.  Julian and his new friend  Robin hatch a daring plan to save the redwoods from Julian’s Uncle’s company. If Julian thought he and his Uncle didn’t get along much before, just wait until they square off in the woods over some very, very valuable trees!

This one is a great kids against the establishment adventure. Julian and his friends find the right ways to fight against something they believe is wrong. How great that part of the fight is staying in a treehouse 30 feet off the ground and only accessible by ropes and pulleys! Author: S. Terrell French

After I read Operation Redwood I liked reading Redwoods by Jason Chin, a book that tells all about coastal redwoods. They are really unbelievable, mammoth trees that grow from a teeny, tiny seed. Some redwoods are over 2,000 years old. That means their seeds sprouted during the Roman Empire! If you like reading about kids making an effort to help the environment, try Scat and Flush – both very funny too. Judy Moody is a little bit younger kid trying to do the same thing.
Redwoods Scat Flush Judy Moody Saves the World
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  1. Good reminder.

    I’m headed down to the big bookstore nearby this month, and should see if they happen to stock a copy so I can flip the pages. Should ask the redwood park visitor center if it’s something they may put on the shelf.


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