The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush

The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush

The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush Penhaligon Brush is quiet, trustworthy and loved by the people in his town, Ramble-on-the-Water. He’s the town apothecary – he mixes herbal remedies for his neighbors. Penhaligon is also a fox, well, part fox anyway.

When Penhaligon receives a strange message from his brother he sets out for his brother’s home in a neighboring village only to find that the whole village is desserted and dark. Then he is attacked and finds himself thrown in the dungeon by a smelly ferret army led by the evil wildcat Derek. The quiet, mild mannered fox turns out to be tough, smart, and good with a sword! He rallies together the good guys and they hatch a clever plan to save each other, their Princess and their villages. Author: S. Jones Rogan

Penhaligon’s adventures continue in book #2, The Curse of the Romany Wolves. If you like reading about warrior animals, try one of the next three. Each one is the first in a series, so if you like one of them there are more to follow.
The Curse of the Romany Wolves Redwall Into the Wild The Capture
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