Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

Dr. Spartacus Wilde is super handsome, super athletic, super strong, super smart and has super gadgets. What a fun guy to have for a dad! He’s like Indiana Jones and the Dad from the Spy Kids movies all rolled into one. 12 year-old Brian and 10 year-old Wren are Dr. Wilde’s lucky kids. To be a Wilde is to love adventure and danger. The kids’ house is even set up for adventure with slides and zip lines, advanced computer equipment and more.

When their Grandpa (another adventure loving Wilde) disappears in South America, the family is quickly on the case. There is nothing this family can’t do, including confronting the alien frogs of doom! Author: Tim Byrd Series: Doc Wilde This is the first – more are on the way!

If you like the over-the-top action of Doc Wilde, you might also like Jack Stalwart. Jack is a kid spy that travels all over the world having adventures. 
Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur Peril and the Grand Prix Pursuit of the Ivory Poachers The Theft of the Samurai Sword
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  1. Hi, I’m glad you enjoyed the book! I certainly enjoyed writing it, and am indeed at work on the next book in the series.

    I’d like to encourage you and other readers to visit the official Doc Wilde web site ( to find out even more about the series. There’s a blog of recent news, and you can sign up for an upcoming newsletter that will offer, among other things, “Doc Wilde’s Cliffhanger Survival Tips.”


    Tim Byrd

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