Piper Reed Navy Brat

Piper Reed Navy Brat

Piper Reed Navy Brat

Piper Reed is a great character to read about on Veteran’s Day – today – the day our country honors the men and women who serve or have served in the military.

Piper Reed is proud of her Navy Dad and her Navy family. Piper calls her father Chief and loves to salute. She has never minded the moves the family must make because of the military but then again she has never had to move in the middle of the school year before. In Piper Reed Navy Brat, Piper’s father announces they are moving from a very comfortable home in San Diego to military housing in Pensacola, Florida. Piper feels her life has come undone. But change can bring surprises as Piper finds out. Piper is an adventurous fourth grader never lacking in excitement. -Recommended by Laura Dixon, Outreach Service Section

Piper Reed The Great GypsyIn Piper Reed The Great Gypsy, Piper’s Dad ships out for six months leaving Piper, her Mom and her sisters to face many months — even Christmas — all alone. Dad’s girls make the best of it and try as hard as they can to keep their Dad in the loop of family news and activities. Two good stories about a proud girl doing her part to keep the home fires burning for her Navy Dad. Author Kimberly Willis Holt Illustrator: Christine Davenier

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  1. Staff Recommend: Cindy Childers, Southport Branch Library

    Piper is the middle child in a Navy family. Her father, “the Chief”, has been transferred again; this time to Pensacola (Pepsi-Cola according to little sister Sam), Florida. After some resentment, Piper bounces back. She starts her “Gypsy Club” again and leads her new-found friends on adventures. You will laugh aloud when Piper names their new poodle puppy Bruna, when she tries to pass off her little sister as a Gypsy fortune teller, and when she tells everyone to “Get off the bus!”. If you are a fan of Ramona and Junie B., you need to read this one, too!

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