Confetti Girl

Confetti Girl

Confetti Girl

Lina is having a really tough year since her Mom died. Lina’s best friend is having a tough year too since her Dad up and left. The girls cope by keeping busy playing volleyball, doing homework and talking about cute boys. Plus, they have each other. It always helps to have a friend that understands.

Lina’s Dad and Vanessa’s Mom aren’t doing so good. Lina’s Dad is an English Professor and spends his time with his nose buried in a book – so much time that he forgets about Lina sometimes. Vanessa’s mom spends her time obsessively making Cascarones – hollow eggs filled with confetti. She makes so many that the eggs are piling up all over Vanessa’s house. The irony is Cascarones are “good luck eggs.” You crack one over somebody’s head to give them good luck.  Eggs need cracked over everyone in these two families.

The best part about this book is the adults. Lina’s Dad and Vanessa’s mom are very real characters. They aren’t stereotype parents. You can feel their pain and you can understand the reasons they are acting so strangely. I liked watching these two families work through tough times. The characters in Confetti Girl show you how important family and friends are during hard times and how important it is to lean on them instead of pushing them away. Sometimes, it’s important to let people help you.

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  1. It is a really good book haven`t read anything like it about a girl that uses her friend,vanessa, as an exuse to see her boy friend! i liked it very much

  2. The book really didn’tintrest me, but I had to do a book repot on it, it actually wasn’t that bad.

  3. the bok relly didnt intrest me. But I had to do book report on it and had to read it, it actually wasn’t that bad.

  4. the best book eever i read it every chance i get. make more books like this. and it has been a long time where i have read a realistic book like this and its great for kids . so i please ask diana lopez to make more books like this ,

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