Please Write in this Book

Please Write in this Book

Please Write in this Book

Mrs. Wurtz leaves a blank notebook in her class’s writer’s corner. The kids are supposed to write in it, and write whatever they want. The only rule is that each person who writes in the book must sign his or her name. It’s fun to read the entries and look at the pictures the kids draw. At first, you don’t know who is who, but as you read you can tell who the kids are by their style of writing and the kind of pictures they draw. The kids reveal their feelings and even fight with each other. Why do boys have to write about puke and boogers and stuff like that? That’s what the girls want to know! In the end, they work out their classroom problems with words. What a Never Underestimate Your Dumbnessgreat idea! Writing about your feelings is a great way to work things out in your own head. Author: Mary Amato

If you like Dear Dumb Diary (Author: Jim Benton) or Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Author Jeff Kinney), try reading about the kids in this story. Speaking of Dear Dumb Diary, book #7 is out Dear Dumb Diary, Never Underestimate Your Dumbness.

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