Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire

Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire

Jemma Hartman, Camper ExptraordinaireJemma is on her way to Camp Star Lake for the summer. She just finished fifth grade and she’s had a long 11 months since her bff Tammy moved away. But this summer at camp, the two will be reunited again for a whole 4 weeks. Swimming, boating, campfires, crafts, Jemma can’t wait!

But when Jemma meets Tammy to get on the bus to go to camp, she finds out Tammy brought something Jemma never expected…her cousin Brooke. Jemma now has competition for Tammy’s attention, something she’s never had to worry about before, and she isn’t too happy about it! Even though she knows she shouldn’t be jealous Jemma can’t help but be hurt when Tammy chooses Brooke over her and angry when Brooke seems to turn Tammy against her.

If you’ve ever been caught between two friends, had a hard time accepting changes that can happen in a friendship, or had a hard time making new friends…you’ll like reading about Jemma, Tammy, Brooke and the other girls in cabin six. Author: Brenda Ferber

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